Top 5 Swing Sets for 2017

Selling hundreds of swing sets a year makes Backyard Imagination one of the top experts in the swing set industry when it comes to knowing what swing sets children like and why.  We get asked ALL the time… What are your best sellers?  You ask and you shall receive! Here is the list for the best selling cedar wood swing sets for 2017:

1. Spring Valley Deluxe Cedar Wood Swing Set by Cedar Summit


Spring Valley Deluxe Swing Set by Cedar Summit

The Spring Valley Deluxe is new for 2017 and it has FLOWN off the shelves from the second it hit the market.  If you are lucky to get one while they are in stock, run – don’t walk to the checkout.  Backyard Imagination has had the lowest price on this set ALL year.  This set comes with TWO super speedy slides, one tube slide, two swings, a trapeze bar, working door, clock with movable arms and over-sized upper level clubhouse.

2. Lewiston Clubhouse Retreat & Kitchenette by Cedar Summit


The Lewiston Clubhouse Retreat & Kitchenette by Cedar Summit

Another one of our best sellers for 2017 – The Lewiston Clubhouse Retreat and Kitchenette offers a lot of bang for your buck.  On top of having the super speedy slide it also has the tube slide, a mailbox, clock with workable hands, upper level clubhouse and working door.  If that isn’t enough, add on two swings, a trapeze bar and a kitchenette with a sink, stove, pots and pans.  You heard that right!  This is an all-in-one imagination playscape!

3. Woodridge II by Backyard Discovery


The mother of all swingsets can be found right here in the Woodridge II Clubhouse by Backyard Discovery.  For those looking for a “Tree House” feel, look no further. This set has a fort type feel while also serving as a swing set. Boasting the largest climbing rockwall we’ve ever seen on a swing set, your kids will love the challenge!  Offering two swings, a trapeze bar and a large super speedy slide along with a crawl through tunnel which takes you from the crow’s nest tower back to the upper level clubhouse.  Wow, just wow.

4. The Sky View Cedar Wood Playset by Creative Cedar Designs


The Sky View Cedar Wood Playset by Creative Cedar Designs

New to the market in 2017, the Sky View Cedar Wood Playset has really surprised us with sales. Children and parents alike love all the features that come with this affordable swing set.  A two person glider is a favorite feature with kids ages 2-7 years and this swing set has it!  Don’t forget the two swings, a ladder, super speedy slide, rockwall, sandbox, telescope and binoculars.  Your child will be entertained for hours!

5. Treasure Trove with Timber Shield & Wood Roof by Gorilla



Treasure Trove with Timber Shield & Wood Roof by Gorilla

Gorilla has it going on with the Treasure Trove with Timber Shield playset! And kids and adults are loving it.  Gorilla offers a 10 year manufacturer warranty on all wood components which really goes a long way down the road.  This set has a tube slide and a super speedy slide, a rock wall, and climbing rope, sand box, picnic table, multiple levels for the clubhouse, swings and a trapeze bar.






Tips to Installing a Swing Set


Swing sets are a popular spring project for families with young, energetic children with energy to burn. Installing a swing set is not difficult but it does take more time and patience than most people realize. Home owners should be realistic in estimating how much time they need to assemble the swing set and whether they have the time to complete the project.

One way to decide how much installation will cost is to take the price of the swingset and divide by half and add another $100 dollars or so. The smaller swingsets tend to cost $250-$350 for installation and go up from there. Paying for installation allows you to complete the assembly quickly rather than letting the project take up all your free time for several weeks.


Creative Ways to Share the Work
Some of our small and mid-size swing sets can be installed in a day, such as the Prestige, Prairie Ridge, Atlantis, and Somerset.






Today’s swing sets are really more like playgrounds – the larger the swing set the longer it will take to assemble. Some creative ideas for completing the project include:

• Have a weekend party and invite 1 or 2 skilled friends (with their own tools) to help with the project. Start fresh on Saturday morning and decide end of day, what help you need on Sunday. You’ll enjoy the project more when you’re working at a comfortable pace and look forward to the “we got it done” celebration on Sunday night.

• Recognize that you may not be able to assemble and install the entire swing set over one weekend, when working by yourself. You’ll enjoy a busy weekend and avoid delaying completion of the project if you schedule a local handyman to complete the project if you’re not done on Sunday. At my handyman business we’ve had several homeowners schedule us to come on the following Monday to finish the project … and once in a while, they have canceled because they got some extra help over the weekend.

• Explain to your children that it’s a big project and you need their help. Set expectations that it will take several days to complete the swing set project. Review instructions and pick logical end points for each day, so you and the children know what to expect. Children can learn a valuable lesson about working hard to get what you want.


Tips on Installing a Swing Set
At Backyard Imagination our swing set installers assemble swing sets all over the country and we learn from each project. Do not become intimidated by the instruction manual. These cedar playsets were made knowing most of the time they would be assembled by parents like you and me. You can do this. Here are some tips to help.

• Swing Set Problem: Part way through the assembly, you may realize the location selected isn’t level or you only have 3 ft of clearance from a fence or other unmovable fixture.
o Solution: Swing sets should be at least 3 feet from any potential hazards with more room suggested behind swings(6 feet). When selecting your location, place small stakes in each corner and run string between the stakes. Make sure ALL strings are level which may involve removing or adding dirt. You should also consider using an absorbent fill underneath like sand, pea gravel or synthetic mulch for safety. Shade is also a good idea as direct sunlight will cause the swing set materials to get overheated which may cause burns.

• Swing Set Problem: Delivery company dropped the boxes at the end of the driveway on a rainy day causing all the stickers identifying individual pieces, to come off so it took several hours to lay out 100s of different shapes and create new labels so we could find them quickly during assembly.
o Solution: Identify where you want the delivery company to leave the cartons and have a tarp available if it’s raining. Move the cartons to the location where the swing set will be installed before unpacking them. You won’t finish the job in one day so have a tarp to cover everything up overnight.

• Swing Set Problem: There are thousands of pieces of hardware (2,316 for the one shown in the photo) and they are not shipped in individual, one size/shape per bag.
o Solution: You’ll need 10 to 15 containers, i.e. what you have for storing left overs. Paper bowls are an alternative but the hardware is heavy and doesn’t have covers for storing them over night. Sort all the hardware prior to beginning the installation and you’ll save time by placing each type in individual containers. For safety, you want to insure:
o Use of self-locking nuts or lock washers to prevent loosening
o Exposed bolts should be capped
o hooks should be tightly closed
o Hardware should be resistant to corrosion.

• Swing Set Problem: Like the hardware, there can be hundreds of pieces of wood (472 in the swing set shown here) and they may or may not be labeled making assembly a challenge as many pieces are similar in shape.
o Solution: You will want to label all wood pieces ahead of time. It’s helpful to line them up numerically on the ground next to where you’re working, to speed up the time used to find them. You can also identify any missing pieces and call the company or purchase wood to use instead (take the dimensions with you to Home Depot if you don’t have the tools to cut the wood in the required shape).

• Swing Set Problem: This manufacturer’s estimate for installation was 5-7 hours with 2 people. But in reality we estimate it’s going to take us a lot longer…
o Solution: With 2 skilled people, each with their own tools, assume you will need the maximum suggested install time and allow for at least 50% contingency. With a team of unskilled people, you probably want to double the estimated time. Write down how long each page of directions takes, and adjust your schedule after completing 3 to 5 pages of directions. You can celebrate when you get done faster without worrying about the clock.

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Backyard Imagination: Why Buy A Backyard Playset?


All kids love to swing, slide down slides and climb on a rock wall but it may be difficult to take them regularly to a neighborhood park or your job may be keeping you away from home. So, why not invest in a good backyard playset and forget the worries?

With a range of beautiful and durable cedar playsets by Backyard Imagination that are available with easy installation, DIY kits and numerous ready to assemble, outdoor playsets are one of the best gifts to give your children. It is an excellent opportunity for them to be creatively engaged in safe physical exercise instead of sitting home in front of the television. In a recent study, there has been a drastic increase in childhood obesity in the nation and many kids are already suffering from lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, obesity and others. Physical exercise is a must for wholesome mental, physical and emotional development.

Buying and installing an outdoor playset turns out to be a time saving device for the parents and a perennial source of enjoyment for the kids. Instead of rushing back from office or taking time out from your busy schedule to take them to the neighborhood park, you can use that time at home while the kids are supervised too. The best advantage of buying a playset is that you can have the privacy of playing and the advantage of a park at home! windsor-ii
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Outdoor wood playsets by Backyard Imagination are created by expert designers keeping in mind to unleashed the imagination of kids, so there will be endless hours of wholesome frolic for your kids and even their friends that will ensure that they are away from mischief. The adventure filled backyard play sets encourages kids to come up with new games, run around and climb, stretch and bend without thinking.

There are numerous options available from plastic, wooden and metal playsets to suit all ages. The plastic playsets are lightweight suiting toddlers while older kids need more stability due to higher activity so wooden playsets are more suited. Many reputed outdoor playsets manufactures present a variety of innovative activity accessories and options to add exciting hours of play. You can choose from clubhouse canopies, trapeze rings, different swing seats, hanging bridges, rope ladders to keep the kids busy for hours.

The ready to assemble playsets have plenty of room for more than one kid and kids can create imaginary games for hours to keep themselves occupied. You can be satisfied that the children are in a safe environment while the kids get to burn off their energy positively. But before zeroing on a particular play set, ensure that the fastenings and bolts are in place, has the product passed all quality standards, is the material all weather proof?

Childhood memories last a lifetime. Don’t you think its time to invest in some beautiful memories by investing in a backyard playset for your little ones?

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Backyard Imagination: How to Choose the Right Swing Set for Your Children


Your children deserve a safe, fun environment to grow and play in, regardless if you live in Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, California, New York, or Florida. We all want our children to be able to enjoy the same kind of childhood we had, filled with carefree days playing outside on their backyard play set. When it comes to choosing a swing set, sometimes just looking for the best deal money-wise is not the best option. At Backyard Imagination in Dallas, you will not only find affordable swing sets, but also the safest swing sets and play sets available anywhere in the country.

But how do you choose a swing set for your children? What all should you consider?

When it comes to choosing a swing set, there are several things you should consider from price and style to the type of materials used and the size of the swing set. Price is usually the biggest issue people come upon when making such a large investment. The fantastic thing about Backyard Imagination in Dallas, is not only that they provide the safest swing sets and play sets on the market, but that they also offer a variety of sets that fall within several price ranges, guaranteeing you will find an affordable swing set that fits your budget and that your children will love.

When considering a swing set for your backyard, you should first consider what all you want included in the set. Swing sets come in many shapes, sizes and styles. You can choose from a standalone swing set that only encompasses a few swings and nothing else, or you can choose to invest in a backyard play set which may include anything from slides, fort house, monkey bars, sandbox, rock wall etc. But the best thing is, with a variety of swing set accessories available such as slides, gliders, infant swings, rings and trapeze bars; you can truly customize every detail of your children’s swing set to yours and more importantly their liking.

The biggest thing you should consider is the type of materials used in the swing set you are considering for your backyard. Swing sets and play sets come in a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, metal and vinyl. For safety reasons, you should probably stay away from plastic swing sets. The maximum weight capacity of a plastic swing set is far less than any other kind and the last thing you want to do is risk your child being hurt during their playtime.

Vinyl swing sets are both affordable and durable but they don’t look as nice.


They are available in a variety of colors and generally require little to no maintenance. However, they have been known to break down quicker than wooden swing sets, after being exposed to strong sunlight. In order to expand the life of your vinyl swing set and try to limit the effects, it is strongly recommended that you place it in a shaded area of your yard.

Metal swing sets are extremely popular and have been used on school and park playgrounds for decades.


They come in a variety of sizes and colors, but due to the heat absorbed by sunlight, it is recommended to get them in white since it will reflect the light and minimize the heating effect. They are considered to be one of the most affordable choices when it comes to the initial purchase, but they are highly susceptible to rusting after continued exposure to the elements.

Meanwhile, wooden swing sets are better suited for handling the elements.


Backyard Imagination treats all their cedar playsets with a waterproof treatment prior to shipment and their lumber is pressure-treated, which also helps in resisting the effects of natural elements. Their natural look makes them a wonderful addition to your backyard. Though they generally cost more, their durability makes them the ideal option if you are hoping to get several years of use out of them. When it comes to choosing a swing set for your backyard, you should thoroughly consider the pros and cons of each swing set or play set that is within your price range. The size, type of materials used, the expected amount of maintenance required and styles/accessories available should all be carefully considered, because the purchase of a swing set is more than just finding an affordable swing set. It’s an investment in a product that will serve to provide your children a safe, fun environment, to grow and enjoy for years to come. So before you choose a backyard play set visit the experts at

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